Sunday, 15 September 2013


A different style again.
This time I was developing my ideal tattoo. My mum will be pleased to know that I am aware my spare cash can be put to better use for the moment. This was drawn on a scrap of lined paper whilst I had a surge of creativity when visiting my family and a sketchbook was not close to hand.
I am hoping to work on the line work digitally, but I quite like the line just as it is, with no shade, but we'll see.

Inspiration for the idea came from my canvas print that I have blogged before, and obviously I'm a Crazy Elephant Lady. 

This month has been 'Even More Music Month' on BBC Radio one and have given us some spectacular covers from Bastille and The Arctic Monkeys. I am getting to go see Bastille as they are playing a gig in Edinburgh soon, and I am very much looking forward to it!

Giving a Miley Cyrus song some Charm...

Sexing up some Drake...

An Elephant parade on top of my picture frame

Monday, 2 September 2013

Creative Haul

I realised recently that it has been way too long since I've posted on here!

The reason for this is not through lack of creativity, if I am honest I have probably found another (maybe lazier) outlet for showcasing my creativity: Instagram (@elepaws.) I am going to try and make more effort to get posting more on here because my work is being lost in among selfies and lunches, and it's a nice way for myself to reflect.

So here's a few things I've been creating recently...

I drew these little portraits for my flatmate who was sadly moving out to study in Glasgow as a parting gift to remind her of the three of us.

During one of my late night scribblings I drew British style You-tuber  Helen Melon Lady for fun, I linked her to it on twitter and she kindly reposted it, which was lovely of her, this got me lots of lovely new Instagram followers and a load of 'likes.'

And this is a shoe....

More to follow...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


My portrait of Julie Newmar's beautifully classic Catwoman 
(Sheldon Cooper's favorite Catwoman if I remember correctly)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Silver Wedding Invitations

I was asked to design invitations for my Mum and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary. They specifically told me that the wanted nothing cheesy e.g: portraits of them etched into a birch tree in a love heart.
So this is what I came up with...

I chose Items that were relevant to them, such as occupation, hobbies and likes and created a fun pattern for the front of which will be an invitation postcard.

In other purple related news: My Cupcake Illustartion for Mrs Marr's Marvelous Cupcakes had been printed onto a hoodie for an event taking place in my hometown Charity Fun Day  for a worthwhile cause in the city in which I live Maggie's - A care center for people who are suffering from cancer.

Monday, 25 February 2013

My Creative Space

I enjoy surrounding myself with lovely things!

This is above my bed. My lovely sister bought be this canvas, which I adore, there are a few elephant realated items in my room,a s I have quite the collection but this has to be one of my favorites.

As you can see by the glimpse of my cushions, I love a bright colour or two, I previously blogged about Penny's apartment from the Big Bang Theory and the great collection of items she has.

I have both of these prints from Catherine Campbell framed on my bedroom wall. They are very whimsical and fun, with that essential splash of colour.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Fiona's Portrait

Meet Fiona!

My good-friend-flatmate-blogger-extraordinaire asked me to illustrate her a little portrait for her lifestyle blog Country Girl - City Life

Head over to her blog to see it in action and check out what wonderful things she's been up to! 

In other news: Loving this song at the moment!

Haim: Don't Save Me