Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bring Home Fashion 1 week to go!

Bring Home Fashion- Upcycled Fashion Show
Thursday 24th of Feb 2011
Edinburgh's Telford Collage

Our 'Bring Home Fashion' show is where my mind is at for the moment and will be until we have it under our belts! Its not long now so I will be back at the illustration in no time!

After a class meeting yesterday which generated quite a bit of stress, today brought a great wave of positivity and excitement! We saw all the things that we were talking about coming together nicely.
There were a few things going on today- we had some media coverage in the Border Telegraph, they had come on Monday to our student workshops to take images of our works-in-progress and get some quotes for the news paper as well as their website.

Some students were up at Telford having a meeting with staff and the beauty department who will be doing the make up for us on the night!

Personally I attended the photo shoot for our 'Lookbook' which was very exiting! A selection of our outfits were modeled and will be part of out program on the night! Seeing my own garments on stunning models and becoming aware of my classmates fabulous designs made it all very real! This is my first year within a fashion environment and have not had a part in something like this before- but you know what... I love it!

Image of our Sponsor 'Vitamin Water" with our photo shoot today for the look book!

Some of my class mates posing for the Border Telegraph.

Right! off to die some braces with red wine!

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