Monday, 28 February 2011


Textures taken from the fabrics in the items below

Once belonged to someone else....

After our up-cycling fashion show it got me thinking about what I have which has been recycled and pre-loved. Above is a small collection of items that i own which have come from various locations:

-The Teal Shoes I bought from a vintage shop, Armstrong's in Edinburgh
-The Cream Bag was swapped (for a scarf that I did not use) at a swap shop.
-Floral Scarf purchased as part of a job lot on eBay
-Ted Baker wool skirt, teal bowl, and cream scarf bought in various charity shops
-Gold costume necklace which was inherited

I personally love to search through the racks in charity shops to find a bargain! The Ted Baker skirt I bought for 6.50 and is in perfect condition, I don't believe it was ever worn previously!

Vintage garments were made to last as apposed to the cheap fashions that you can buy on the high street for probably a greater expense, you are buying better quality for your money even though it has been used before.
There are so many positive reasons to buy second hand or attend events like a swap shop. By getting pre-loved garments/accessories you are helping the environment, saving money, giving to charity and perhaps owning something that nobody else will have!

Happy routing!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Brights Moodboard

An injection of colour is needed to bring me into spring! Unfortunately due to my student budget I have to get my retail kicks via a mood board, or a "dream board" I quite enjoyed putting this together as I browsed the internet for Neon Brights. I paticulary adore the leopard print jump suit which i discovered in the latest issue of Grazia magazine... I fell head over heels.

From top left: Feather earrings-Topshop, Leopard Print Silk Play suit by Ramzi Musa for, Typography design by Richard Perez, APC Madras Abstract Silk Print Shorts- Urban Outfitters, Nail Varnish from Essie, Neon Plastic Watch- Urban outfitters, Enamel Apple Necklace- Miss Selfridge, Blue Canvas Shoes- Miss Selfridge, Short Pac a Parca- Topshop.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Ode to my scanner...

According to my very strange and unpredictable scanner (which is the cause of much frustration) this illustration should be displayed as 2 separate images!

Developed as a single illustration my intent was to create the image blow taken from the 1960s movie Sunday in New York. I like to look at beautiful photography and draw from it to help develop my style. As this was only meant to be a quick post I have decided to leave it as it is with no photoshoping... uploaded directly from the scanner, it was just meant to look like this! (so my scanner told me)

Love this image! original post meant to be "Big city taking a nap" lyric from Bobby Darren's Sunday In New York.

Friday, 18 February 2011

BHF Look book preview....

Sneak peek from our 'look book' photography, this is two outfits from the 70s group, when looking through the images this was so striking, well done to the models and photographer!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bring Home Fashion 1 week to go!

Bring Home Fashion- Upcycled Fashion Show
Thursday 24th of Feb 2011
Edinburgh's Telford Collage

Our 'Bring Home Fashion' show is where my mind is at for the moment and will be until we have it under our belts! Its not long now so I will be back at the illustration in no time!

After a class meeting yesterday which generated quite a bit of stress, today brought a great wave of positivity and excitement! We saw all the things that we were talking about coming together nicely.
There were a few things going on today- we had some media coverage in the Border Telegraph, they had come on Monday to our student workshops to take images of our works-in-progress and get some quotes for the news paper as well as their website.

Some students were up at Telford having a meeting with staff and the beauty department who will be doing the make up for us on the night!

Personally I attended the photo shoot for our 'Lookbook' which was very exiting! A selection of our outfits were modeled and will be part of out program on the night! Seeing my own garments on stunning models and becoming aware of my classmates fabulous designs made it all very real! This is my first year within a fashion environment and have not had a part in something like this before- but you know what... I love it!

Image of our Sponsor 'Vitamin Water" with our photo shoot today for the look book!

Some of my class mates posing for the Border Telegraph.

Right! off to die some braces with red wine!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The warmest scarf!

Particularly my part of the world is still miserable weather-wise, not only is the winter chill still here but the last week has been filled with storms. I was very glad yesterday that I wore completely black as on walking to Uni gales blew the huge rain drops all down the back of my legs. After arriving and looking out the window there were snow flakes that thankfully didn't survive for very long!

Lace Clouds

Number 2 using the lace decoration I developed, I am hoping to create a third illustration in the series.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Lace Storm

A world filled with stockings, crayons, bicycles and other pretty things.