Monday, 28 February 2011

Once belonged to someone else....

After our up-cycling fashion show it got me thinking about what I have which has been recycled and pre-loved. Above is a small collection of items that i own which have come from various locations:

-The Teal Shoes I bought from a vintage shop, Armstrong's in Edinburgh
-The Cream Bag was swapped (for a scarf that I did not use) at a swap shop.
-Floral Scarf purchased as part of a job lot on eBay
-Ted Baker wool skirt, teal bowl, and cream scarf bought in various charity shops
-Gold costume necklace which was inherited

I personally love to search through the racks in charity shops to find a bargain! The Ted Baker skirt I bought for 6.50 and is in perfect condition, I don't believe it was ever worn previously!

Vintage garments were made to last as apposed to the cheap fashions that you can buy on the high street for probably a greater expense, you are buying better quality for your money even though it has been used before.
There are so many positive reasons to buy second hand or attend events like a swap shop. By getting pre-loved garments/accessories you are helping the environment, saving money, giving to charity and perhaps owning something that nobody else will have!

Happy routing!

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