Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Last 365 days

This post idea is stolen from my friend Fiona

"Last 365 days in great detail"

It's my friend Nicola's Birthday very soon, hers is the first birthday of the year between my friends back home and when it comes around you know that we are into a new year! That got me thinking about whats happened since.
So Ive had a look back and here is a collection of images which shows some of what I have done and achieved over the last 365 days!

-Nicolas 21st Birthday shindig, thats us in our old flat in Edinburgh with close friends before heading out.
-My zombie impression for the Glasgow Zombie walk on Halloween which I did with my Uncle John and my Dad! That was a great day!
-I moved to Galashiels! (for uni) This particular image is of the huge snow last year which trapped me in the town, but you have to admit it was very pretty.
-My final illustration exhibition for collage which was held at the Dovecot Gallery.
-Dressed in the horrendous 'Hearty' outfit for a charity calendar.
-My good friends Kimberley and Gary got hitched! Still cant believe it!
-Blink 182 at the SECC which was amazing!
-Our Bring Home Fashion show in Edinburgh which was just recently.
-Some of the new friends I have made on my uni course!

Lucky me!! :)

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