Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What is my blog for?

As I do not have very may blog followers at the moment it feels like I am keeping an online creative diary for myself! Ideas, quick sketches and development which then in turn creates a log that I can look back at, share with my friends and whoever pops by for fun. Keeping me active in a way which is beneficial. I have had this blog for years and have just become a regular blogger (mainly of images... unlike this post) and hope to keep it rolling on.

I love to read through blogs that do not have a hidden agenda: that inspire and thats what I hope to achieve. Yes! I would love to make money from my passion eventually but still feel I am in the development stage, not yet polished.
There are a few opportunities that have come to me recently to develop final illustrations to a set brief which I very much look forward to and will push and challenge me to develop an image to a high standard. These are the works which will then be part of my professional portfolio. Eventually I will have my own portfolio website.... PLAN

For me and whoever may read this I hope I have inspired you. :)

Because I believe every post should have an image I had a look through my billion images that I have downloaded for inspiration/reference... in amongst are multiple images of my personal guinea pig aka little sister Kayleigh

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