Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Work Experiance at LEWIS

Lately I have just finished some work experience which I absolutely loved!

I volunteered my time twice a week for a month to sit alongside the Account Management team at the Digital Agency LEWIS. This experience gave me amazing insight into a job which I would love to be part of. Above is an image taken from their blog, where I wrote the post for them: A Graduates Dilemma,  where I explain a bit more about my time with them.  I would like to thank the people at LEWIS who were so lovely and took time out of their working day to show me the ropes, involving me with meetings and helping them out with bits and pieces.

I would recommend anyone to do something like this whatever their field. I understand that many people think that things like work experience or internship are out of their reach and like myself have to work as much as possible to earn a living. Indeed I was a bit tired, but this didn't feel like work as I was genuinely excited about going there, I learned so much and it gave me something vital for my CV. And who knows you might find a gem like LEWIS and create some great contacts!

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